We create stunning bathrooms, by carefully listening to our clients and how they live in their space. High powered & fast paced maybe the order of most morning for some, but this same space also needs to offer a

tranquil sanctuary for complete relaxation…

We achieve this balance, by selecting from various brands for beautiful quality and unusual designs, as well as the more conventional suppliers

for sanitary ware and tiling.

Asvi Interiors nearly always plays a part in our design process, providing us with an entirely unique bathroom as we incorporate the colour, texture and finish to reflect and harmonise the design concept.

Practical elements are always considered, to accommodate today’s complex grooming regimes for the adults & simple effective storage for the little people in our lives.

Carefully considered lighting, with clever & simple functionality of underfloor heating, level deck integrated showers, deep ergonomically comfortable baths & splash vessels that really work are part of the clever mix we produce when designing a new bathroom, that not only reflect the clients brief, but harmoniously flows with the rest of the house.