Living Area

Your home should be your sanctuary, a place for you and your family to recharge, relax and grow. Our surroundings affect how we feel everyday and it is important that our homes fill us with a sense of peace and wellbeing. My goal is to work with you to create homes for intentional living, creating spaces where you feel most at peace, comfortable and welcomed. My interior design services allow you to be in control of your design direction, project management and budget.

I’m excited to work with you, let’s get started.!

TV Cabinet

Make your TV comfortable with our collection of TV Units and Entertainment Cabinets. Spacious in size and storage. Perfect for any TV, big or small. The TV area is the new age hearth of the home. So it’s important its central feature, the TV, has a place to sit that’s worthy of your space.
TV Units With a Modern Appeal

The TV might have caught their eye but take the opportunity to steal their attention with a TV Unit that speaks to the stylistic qualities of your home.
Our entertainment units and TV stands are designed with functionality in mind. Keep your entertainment space clean, organized, yet super stylish. Organization and storage are important aspects of any TV Unit.
Whether you need to stash the never-ending supply of cords, DVD’s, Games or Gaming Consoles,  you’ll be thankful that these unsightly things don’t mess with the appearance of your home.
Whether it is your living room, bedroom or soundproof home theatre, our entertainment wall units will keep your space organised.

Pooja Area

Indeed, prayer is a conversation between you and god, as some may say. But many mistake this as the only true/correct way of reaching god. It has been witnessed that miracles happen when people come together in his name, seeking something in one voice. This explains why family prayers have a great importance in all homes, and so are their elaborate prayer spaces. Here are a few distinct designs of prayer spaces.
In big houses it is possible to have separate rooms for prayer, where the family can gather and pray without any distraction. With the changing time, as house sizes getting smaller, it has become hard to devote a complete room for prayer. However, with a little effort and creativity you can build amazing prayer units, which could even better serve than an individual room.
At the same time, it is much more economical and effective than devoting a complete room. Customized measurements, style, and color tone make it unique and perfect for each home. While some like to dedicate a room for prayer, others keep it open to accommodate more people. This is the view of a prayer room from a traditional house. The extent of devotion in older times could be seen here – the room is adorned with various images and idols of the holy family and the saints or decorative items like candle stand flower vase.